Not sure what size will fit you?

We have a size chart bellow, but if you still are unsure, measure your foot from the tip of your toe to your heel. Ollos measure from the inside of the shoe, to the heel, in the MM sizes provided. 

For example, if your foot is 25.8cms, you would most likely fit a size 9 shoe. 

US 5, EU 38, MM 230, USW 6.5 (feet between 22cm and 23cm)

US 6, EU 39, MM 235, USW 7.5 (feet between 23.1cm and 23.5cm)

US 7, EU 40, MM 244, USW 8.5 (feet between 23.6cm and 24.4cm)

US 8, EU 41, MM 254, USW 9.5 (feet between 24.5cm and 25.4cm)

US 9, EU 42, MM 260, USW 10.5 (feet between 25.5cm and 26cm)

US 10, EU 43, MM 270, USW 11.5 (feet between 26.1cm and 27cm)

US 11, EU 44, MM 279, USW 12.5 (feet between 27.1cm and 27.9cm)

US 12, EU 45, MM 286, USW 13.5 (feet between 28cm and 28.6cm)